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Operations Management

The Operations Division is driven by our team's vast expertise, which serves as the backbone of OMNIYAT's extensive offering.

OMNIYAT operations management serves as the foundation for all other activities

  • Ensuring the efficient and effective execution of all operations, as well as their alignment with the various other business units such as procurement, sales, revenue, and marketing.
  • Effective management of a hotel's food and beverage departments, a traditional loss leader, to ensure the turnaround of vital profits, thus providing ample justification for the department's existence.
  • Providing a management solution that integrates operations across all business units to ensure proactive fulfillment of operational functions at all times.
  • All other efforts, from financial management to marketing, would be futile if the role of operations was not actively fulfilled. Essentially, operations management is a critical component of the Newmark Hotels, Reserves & Lodges package.


Revenue management helps in forecasting consumer demand to optimize inventory and price availability and thus maximize revenue growth.

We gather market information so that you can be proactive in dividing your market and adjusting your products through the various distribution channels, to the right customer at the right time and at the right price.

Our solutions include the following features: Setup of revenue management systems and assistance where applicable:

  • Monitoring of reservations to ensure that all information for sales and statistics is gathered, as well as the market mix is monitored.
  • Correct rate code set up in PMS (Property Management Systems) for reporting on market segment.
  • Connecting to existing and new viable OTAs (Online Travel Agents)
  • Connecting to a GDS (Global Distribution Systems)
  • Training on how to update third-party sites that are not linked to the Channel Manager
  • Compiling annual rates sheets
  • Rates, packages, changes, and administration are loaded into the PMS where required
  • Completing free sell contracts and regularly updating block dates
  • Communication / training reservations personnel with BAR (Best Available Rate) and promotion
  • Creating website packages, promotions, and specials, as well as email banners, Google AdWords, and newsletters
  • Weekly Revenue Meeting - analyzing current month and upcoming six-month figures in terms of occupancy, rates compared to previous year, and current targets

Sales Activities

Implementing the most effective international and domestic sales activities for your company by fully utilizing sales activity management, which is critical in determining which activities are actually assisting in deal closing.

Furthermore, representing your company at domestic and international trade shows in order to meet and connect with prospective customers, strengthen your relationship with existing customers and stay informed about new developments in your business.