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Medical Tourism Gate

We, at Jordan Medical Tourism Gate, are dedicated to providing patients from all over the world with the best medical tourism experience possible. We make your medical trip as smooth as possible by coordinating and collaborating with Jordan's entire medical tourism network. We offer the best and selective Jordanian healthcare accessibility for you and support you throughout the medical tour.

Our medical travel plans include healthcare services, lodging, airline tickets, visa,insurance providers, translators, wellness services, and tourism services. What means you won't have to worry about anything and will instead concentrate on your treatment and rehabilitation.

As we focus on the patient's needs and desires, we are fully prepared to make several offers based on those needs and desires, which comprise of: information on the selective Medical centers ( hospitals, medical labs, pharmacies, and all related) , patient profiles, procedure calendars, potential risks, and assistance both before and during the stay, transportation and accommodation.

As we offer leisure activities, sightseeing, day tours, and assistance with your companion's stay.We will completely facilitate your departure, visit, and arrival after you choose an offer and select your travel and procedure plan.

We make it simple to travel for medical treatments without any hassles, complications, or last-minute cancellations.

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Events Managements

Our company is a Jordanian event organization that focuses on highly innovative concepts, a positive attitude, integrity, and good work ethics. We provide Quality solutions and Quality Events in every segment of various natures, completed successfully while keeping business growth, levels of entertainment, time and budgetary constraints, and client satisfaction in mind.

WE specialize in corporate events, grand openings, brand activations, product launches, gala dinners, Conferences &Seminars, Exhibitions &Trade Fairs, Entertainment Evenings, Live Concerts, Branding& Merchandising, and much more.

We create memorable events that leave an incredible impression on your guests.

Educational Tours

You want to inspire, motivate, and educate your students so that they can improve their learning and take advantage of new opportunities. Jordan will provide this opportunity to your students by providing exceptional educational tours and immersive travel experiences for school groups. We are committed to providing powerful educational experiences as well as worry-free travel in Jordan.

Every educational trip is tailored to individual schools and student ages, focusing on activities and sites relevant to your group's interests, educational needs, and desired budget. Our educational tour specialists collaborate with you to create a detailed travel plan that will maximize your group's opportunities for an engaging, inspiring, and enjoyable learning experience abroad.

In a Nutshell we open up a world of opportunities for students to immerse themselves in knowledge, culture, and inspiration. We help students grow by bringing learning to life—new ideas, new friends, and life-long memories.

We inspire your student to become global citizens’ long life learners and have an international citizenship and mindset to broaden their perspective on the world .We not only focus on Jordan and its unique local aspects which appeal to universal themes. But also immerse them in the diversity which the region has to present.

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